Lex Robinson

I am a multi-language programmer with over 9 years experience in variety of environments, languages and paradigms. I am quick to adapt to new situations and always interested in learning new skills. My ability to assess problems, clearly explain them and quickly produce solutions has been extremely useful in my previous R&D roles as well as prototyping in a single-application environment.

Programming skills

Personal Projects

I have a large number of projects as I am always picking things up to try and learn new things. Most of them are available on my github profile however some recent ones include a virtual tabletop system for a game called Monster of the Week, an AV information system for a megagame called Watch The Skies and an in-game tool for a game called Garry’s Mod that currently has over 490,000 subscribers.

Some of my previous projects that I am particularly proud of include a BASIC interpreter I wrote using a phone and a physical copy of the ECMA-55 specification, an attempted remake of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D, a roleplaying game system that was used by hundreds of players over the course of a few years and a physical spaceship simulator built into a caravan that I helped build and provide special effects for, both digital and physical

Employment History



I am a big fan of games and spend a lot of my spare time either playing or designing them. When I’m not doing that, I am usually at one of London’s makerspaces helping people build unusual projects.

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