Severchecker 2012

A C# .NET4 remake of DUMBCLAN's original ServerChecker

Tech used:
  • C#

Back in 2012, I was helping a friend run some Garry’s Mod servers and he was having a lot of trouble using ServerChecker v3 (now defunct). He offered me £200 to build him a version that actually worked and as a student I immediately said “yes!”

The result is basically exactly the same thing but written in C#. At the time it worked flawlessly and I released it as open source so that other people could migrate away from the somewhat unstable version that was popular then.

However, the way I released it was basically to put it out on github with no README, tell 3 people and then ignore it. Looking back, that was not a great strategy to garner adoption.

As far as I’m aware, my friend was the only person that ever used this and someone else ended up writing a v4 and actually telling people about it and that’s now the version that people use.