A popular Garry's Mod gamemode built around Kurozael's original Cider Roleplaying System

Tech used:

This was my first ever truely big project and taught me a lot about software engineering. Unfortunately that means that it’s largely very poorly coded.

However, it did work and managed to keep VentMob in pocket for the few years it was running. While I may not be proud of the code, I’m definitely proud of the concept and what it resulted in.

The github link is for the development version which has had lots of random code changes in it and does not actually work. I attempted to fix that in 2020 but was not successful, so now it only breaks some of the time.

If you want to view the code that was actually live on the server, that is also linked above - however it also doesn’t work since it hasn’t been touched since 2011 and won’t even get past the loading screen for today’s Garry’s Mod

Others have put a lot of effort into making this code run, however they’ve all adapted it to their own needs so none of them is the original experience. Perhaps it’s for the best that it’s dead and gone.