This is a non-exhaustive list of projects I’ve worked on that I thought were worth writing about.

Currently it only contains the projects I had on my previous website’s homepage, but with time I’ll try to add stuff to the list.

Some projects may get a few paragraphs of information, others will have multiple blog posts, images etc. I’m afraid it entirely depends on how old the project is and how much work I’ve actually put into it.

This was my first ever truely big project and taught me a lot about software engineering. Unfortunately that means that it’s largely very poorly coded.

However, it did work and managed to keep VentMob in pocket for the few years it was running. While I may not be proud of the code, I’m definitely proud of the concept and what it resulted in.

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At some point in 2012 I found myself extremely bored with nothing but a phone and a laser printer so I did the obvious thing of printing out an obscure programming standard and attempting to implement it using Ideone.

The result is not remotely pretty or friendly to use, and doesn’t completely conform to the spec (data functions are hard) but it worked well enough for me to program a very basic cardgame in it and I’m pleased with the result.

I wrote this addon in 2009 for a halloween event on the VentMob servers and made it publicly available as a bit of an afterthought. It now has nearly half a million subscribers.

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A description for this project is in the works, but I need to fact check a few things and figure out where I put all the source code.

Back in 2012, I was helping a friend run some Garry’s Mod servers and he was having a lot of trouble using ServerChecker v3 (now defunct). He offered me £200 to build him a version that actually worked and as a student I immediately said “yes!”

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When I was involved in running various Garry’s Mod servers one big problem we had was correctly integrating SourceBans with the admin mod we were using, since SourceMod is quite a pain to use.

The obvious solution was to write a completely Lua version of the sourcemod module with all the same features and get rid of SourceMod entirely

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This was my final year project when I was studying at Queen Mary. To say it was over-ambitious would be an understatement.

While I wasn’t able to get even a fraction of the game implemented, I learned a lot about graphics programming, data compression (especially thanks to Michael Liebscher having already ported the x86 assembly to C), compiler bugs, driver bugs etc etc etc.

Every so often I come back to this project and attempt to finish it off, but sadly this code has become as alien to me as the original assembly was in 2012 so I suspect it’ll be unfinished forever.