Wulf 2012

A C++11/OpenGL 3 remake of id software's Wolfenstein3D

Tech used:
  • C++ 11
  • OpenGL 3.2

During my studies at Queen Mary I took one class on OpenGL and immediately decided I was a genius and would make a fortune in the games industry.

To that end, I decided to single-handedly rebuild a classic game as my final year project to show off how clever I was and land a job.

While that obviously didn’t happen, since the game doesn’t work and I write Javascript for a living, I’m still pretty proud of what I managed to do in 6 months with (as it turns out) very little actual knowledge.

I learned a lot about graphics processing, compiler bugs and humility along the way - as well as the general need to stand on the shoulders of giants such as Michael Liebscher whose code I had to read after discovering that the actual code is written in x86 assembly which I don’t understand.

Every coulple of months I tell myself I’m going to finish my first big project, open the code, look at it and then close the code.

Maybe some day…